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About Langford

Langford Productions was established by Zena Simmons & Heather Kerr-Wilbur in 1995 and, as a company, is dedicated to providing the best quality in entertainment services, emerging over the years of trading as one of the top companies providing entertainment within the leisure industry. Now years on and Langford Productions is firmly established as one of the formost Entertainment & Corporate Event Companies in the Country.

Zena J Simmons

Roots: Born and raised in Essex , Zena moved to the West Country in 1990.

Interests: Squash, music, dancing, shooting and classic cars.

Experience: Joining a trio at the tender age of 11, Zena has worked worked in the business in a professional capacity for over 30 years. Travelling, both entertaining and booking artistes both in the and abroad has proved an invaluable asset. You can't buy experience and Zena has certainly done her apprenticeship. As a well respected entertainer Zena toured the world (32 countries) until setting up Langford Productions with Heather in 1995.


Business: To continue making Langford Productions a driving force in entertainment. 

Personal: To travel Europe in her VW mobile home palace, in fine sunny weather, with no traffic jams and lots of VW festivals enroute!

Heather M Kerr-Wilbur (BA Mus)

Roots: Born in Dumfries Scotland Heather has moved gradually South via Bolton, Luton and London to finally settle in Langford Nr Bristol.

Interests: Golf, Music, Natural History, Our Universe and Planet.

Experience: Another 11 year old musician Heather trained as a percussionist graduating as a Batchelor of Music in 1981. Heather went straight into the studio and became a professional session musician. Moving South Heather then toured all over the world with different bands having hit albums in Russia and Italy. Experience is the name of the game and Heather has gleaned a broad and expansive knowledge of the entertainment industry, essential to providing good advice in the diverse and exciting world of corporate entertainment.


Business: To continue to nurture Langford Productions strengths and set new standards and choices in entertainment.

Personal: To achieve a golf handicap of scratch, and win the family golf trophy on The Old Course at St Andrews. (on a Sunny Calm Day!)


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